3 At-Home Workouts for Cold January Days

Posted by: esd admin

Cold January

New Year’s resolutions or no, it’s not easy to motivate yourself to maintain or boost your fitness in the midst of cold, wet January. The fun festive season is over (as is all that overindulgence) and the weather is horrible. Mix the lack of fun and abundance of rain with dark evenings – and keeping up your regime becomes seriously unappealing.

Don’t fancy pounding the pavements this evening or getting soggy on the way to the gym? Don’t worry. Try these three at home workouts instead to stay fit without having to deal with January…


1. Leg Kicks & Side Plank

Start this exercise by performing a side plank and holding this position for the duration of each repetition. Once in side plank it’s time to kick your legs in three different directions: One forward kick, one upwards kick and one “kick” which brings your knee to your free elbow. Repeat four times. Perform four sets.

2. Glute Bridge

With a dumbbell in your hands held centrally just above your hips, lie face up on the ground with your feet shoulder width apart. Pushing from your heels, life your hips straight upwards, creating a bridge between your shoulders and heels. Pause and squeeze your glutes together in this position, then lower your body to the ground. Repeat five times. Perform three sets.

3. Side Plank Dip & Commando

Begin in a commando push up position, then lower your body – one arm at a time – into plank position, return immediately to commando position and rotate into a side plank and dip towards the ground. Move back to your original position and repeat six times, alternating your side plank from left to right.

Do you have an at-home exercise regime you use to keep fit in horrible January? Share your tips, tricks and motivation with other readers below.