3 Beauty boxes we want through our letter box

Posted by: Charlie Burrows

We all love getting treats in the post. Whether it’s something we impulse purchase on Etsy or a postcard from a friend, a spot of letterbox action is certainly something to look forward to. Do you love the anticipation of waiting for an amazing new dress to arrive? Perhaps the surprise of a parcel with your best friend’s handwriting on the front is your favourite thing? Whatever you love to receive in the post, there’s no denying that it’s all a lot of fun.

It’s this universal fact (amongst other things) which makes beauty subscription boxes so incredibly tempting. Once you’ve had one, we assure you, you’ll probably become wholly obsessed. A beautifully presented little package of indulgent treats at your door on a regular basis? Who could say no?

Another factor behind the success of beauty boxes is just how much amazing stuff is now available. With fresh products, innovations and trends coming out all the time, it’s not easy to keep up with the best in beauty. Beauty boxes keep you furnished with all the latest kit to experiment with.

So which should you order?


Pretty Iconic Beauty Box (£85)

If you’re a bit of a beauty box, you may already know of superstar beauty columnist Sali Hughes. The Pretty Iconic Beauty Box is her creation and is at the more expensive end of the spectrum. That’s because the box contains top end products, tried and tested by Sali, in full sizes and luxury travel sizes. It’s all very good stuff indeed.


RoccaBox (£10)

The contents of the RoccaBox come straight from the pages and Instagrams of the web’s top beauty bloggers. The best choice for those who like to be at the cutting edge of beauty trends, this box features very generously sized products given the teeny price tag.


The Natural Beauty Box (£24.95)

The perfect box for veggies, vegans and the environmentally friendly, The Natural Beauty Box is crammed with lovely products which are created ethically, without any animal testing. They’re all vegan too. So you can enjoy guilt free beauty. Lovely stuff.


Do you subscribe to a beauty box? Which is the best you’ve tried? Share your favourites and opinions with other beauty lovers below.