3 of the Best Fitness Classes for Beginners

Posted by: esd admin

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At their best, fitness classes can be super motivating, uber inspiring and mega fun. These are places to get to know your body, challenge yourself, meet new people and push yourself in a brand new discipline. But joining a brand new fitness class can be very daunting, especially if you’re a total fitness newbie.

It’s really easy to get put off by that “new girl in school” feeling. Will you be wearing the right kit? What if you don’t know how to do any of the moves? Will people be friendly? Will the teacher be really intense? What if you’re not fit enough?

It’s normal to feel this way, but all of these negative thoughts are simply annoying little obstacles to overcome. Instead of worrying, why not think about how great you’ll feel about yourself for trying something new? How pleased you’ll be with yourself for making time for your physical health?

The truth is, everyone starts somewhere and fitness classes really aren’t terrifying. You can always hang out at the back until you find your feet if you’re feeling nervous! Fitness instructors welcome new people to classes all the time and it’s in their favour to ensure you keep coming back for more.

Ready to get stuck in and looking for a class which won’t be overly challenging or intense? Here are three options perfect for beginners…


1. Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is all about slow poses. If you’re new to yoga, it’s a great way to learn the names and shapes of different positions, without the stress of having to move onto the next one every 5 seconds. In yin, you’re invited to hold different poses for periods of around five minutes. It’s not exactly a hardcore workout, but it will help you feel more comfortable in a yoga environment.


2. Cycle Classes

Spin can sound pretty intimidating to the uninitiated, and quite rightfully. Intense spin classes can make walking downstairs very painful for a week! Many gyms offer cycle classes including RPM, with plenty of cardio still involved. If you’re getting used to a gym setting, this easy-to-use equipment is a good first start for anyone keen on cycling for fitness.


3. Aqua Aerobics

You might associate aqua aerobics with a more senior demographic, but it’s becoming increasingly popular with all sorts of fitness lovers. The resistance of water is a great way to build muscle and use core muscles whilst exercising, without placing stress on your joints. It can be relaxing or it can be a great alternative to the gym and fantastic way to strengthen and increase your stamina.

What was the first ever fitness class you ever attended? How was your first experience? What would you recommend to a fitness class newbie? Tell us all about it below!