3 Booty-boosting moves to try this summer

Posted by: esd admin



It only takes five minutes on social media to realise that a peachy booty is the “must have” fashion accessory of 2018. Beauty standards really are fickle. While the early noughties had virtually nothing to say about bottoms, the 2010s are all about that bass (no treble) – and there seems to be no avoiding it.

Alas, not all of us are blessed with the kind of derriere you could bounce pennies upon. While many of us are more than happy with what our mamas gave us, for others, a peachier bottom is the dream.

Whether you love a trend, subscribe to the “look du jour” or have always dreamed of having a peachier behind, these booty-boosting exercises will set you on the path to a Kardashian behind (without the surgery!). Ready, steady – squat!


1. Jump Rope

Skipping ropes may conjure up images of playtime, but this workout is certainly no frolic in the park. Instead of messing around with your mates, complete 250 skips landing alternately with your feet together, then apart (like a star jump). Then complete another 250 landing alternately with your left foot in front, then right (in a scissor like motion). Phew!


2. Lunge and Twist

Hold a 10kg weight straight out in front of you, using both hands. Now drive your right leg backwards and lower your body into a low lunge. Twist your torso to the left, tightening your abs. Then return to centre and standing before repeating on the other side. 10 reps on each side.


3. One Legged Sumo Squats

Start with a wide legged stance, then squat down (just like a sumo). Next, keep your legs bent and raise your right leg, rotating it so that your inner thigh is front-facing. Return to your squat (with control) and repeat on the other side. 12 reps on each side.

Are you chasing a peachier bottom? Which exercises have been effective for you? Share your tips with other fitness lovers below.