3 Brow No-nos You Should Avoid at All Costs

Posted by: esd admin


Do you crave beautiful, undeniably “on fleek” brows? Eyebrow perfection isn’t easy if you aren’t blessed with thick, luxurious brows to start with, but with a little bit of tender loving care and some fine-tuned makeup skills, getting the brows of your dreams is not out of your reach.

There is a real art to creating the ultimate brow. Angular, face-framing, with not a strand out of place, there’s lots of maintenance and artistry involved in creating that perfect curve and gorgeous density of brow. There are also lots of no-nos which will hamper your eyebrow game – some of which we’ve all been guilty of!

To help you achieve eyebrow perfection, we’ve plucked some warning words from beauty experts like Anastasia Beverley Hills, to help you treat your brows right. Here are 3 things to avoid at all costs…

1. Overplucking

It’s so easy to get carried away with the tweezers. A stray hair here, a little evening-up there, a little bit more here to enhance your arch…before you know it, you’re left with next to nothing in the brow department. Boldness and length are the key to great brows, so only use the tweezers sparingly. Pluck your eyebrows to neaten them up and remove outlying hairs, don’t go overboard with shaping or you’ll lose lots of natural beauty.

2. Drawing from the top

For most of us, natural-looking “perfect” brows are the Holy Grail. To achieve this look you should never fill in your eyebrows from the top. This can create a strong, harsh line which looks unnatural. Typically, natural brows are darker and denser at the bottom, fading out and softening at the top. Begin lining or pigmenting your brows from the underside, then gently fill in any sparser spots throughout the rest of the eyebrow.

3. Using too many products

There are all sorts of eyebrow products out there these days, from brow gels and brow highlighters, to pencils, palettes and pomades. While these products might promise you better brows, the best thing you can do is keep things simple. A quality brow pencil and a swipe of clear gel to cement shape should be plenty to create a beautiful brow look.

Applying concealers, foundations, highlights and three different shades from your eyebrow palette won’t just take an age, chances are it will look caked on and unnatural. Step away from the makeup counter.

Do you have any eyebrow tips or major brow no-nos? Share them with other readers below.