3 Bubble Baths We Want to Climb Into Right Now

Posted by: esd admin

It’s been a long hard day and the only thing getting you through is the thought of a hot, steaming soak with a cheeky glass of wine. We know the feeling!

If your pampering drawer or shelf is looking a little underwhelming lately, we have just the remedy. We’ve rounded up our three favourite bubble bath products of the month which will make that soak and Chardonnay feel even better. Go on, you deserve it…

1. Red Roses Bath Oil, Jo Malone

red roses bath oil

This bath oil from Jo Malone smells H-E-A-V-E-N-L-Y. The strong and divinely feminine rose scent is supported by aromas of crushed violet leaves and a touch of lemon to cut through the sweetness. Enriched with avocado oil, jojoba seed oil and sweet almond oil, this is a seriously decadent-feeling bath time treat.

2. Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb, LUSH

Phoenix Rising bath bomb

Is there anything more fun at bath time than a bath bomb? We don’t think so. And LUSH make the original and best (animal and eco-friendly) bombs in the business. Their purple and gold flecked Phoenix Rising bath bomb is a sight (and scent) to behold, containing a rich but uplifting blend of cinnamon, jojoba, shea and bergamot.

3. Ultra Rich Foaming Bath, L’Occitane

Rich foaming bath

Love lots and lots of bubbles? How about leaving your bath feeling impossibly soft? This rich and incredibly frothy foaming bubble bath from L’Occitane feels insanely indulgent thanks to the smoothing shea butter packed into every drop.

Which are your favourite products for a super indulgent bath? What abut your favourite tipples for the tub? Share your picks with other readers below.