3 Clever youth-boosting make up tricks

Posted by: esd admin

Beauty is beauty at any age, but sometimes we all feel a bit nostalgic for the days when we could bounce a penny off our taut skin and wake up after dancing all night with a fresh face that would make a Disney princess sigh with envy.

If you’re having one of those days, there are some clever make up hacks you can try which will instantly give your face a youthful boost. We’ve shared three of our favourite beauty tricks for creating an “instant facelift” here – with no need to put your body through anything nasty…


1. Get “lash”-tastic

Thick lovely lashes are innately youthful, but as we age our lashes get sparser and shorter, losing that young and fluttery effect. Using an eyelash curler and mascara will help lengthen your lashes, while applying dark eyeliner to your upper waterline will create an impression of greater density. If you’re going for a less subtle look, a quick cat eye will achieve a similar effect.


2. Pump your pout

Plump lips are another youthful feature which is easy to recreate with a few quick makeup tricks. Keeping your lips well hydrated and cared for is a good idea over the long term, but for an instant boost choose a light colour in a pink-blue shade to maximise how full your lips look (dark colours make lips look smaller while orange shades can make teeth look yellower). Once you’ve applied colour, line your lips to perfect their shape and to create depth and definition.


3. Boost your brows

Thicker, darker and more defined brows are youthful. As we age, over-plucking and loss of colour can deplete our brows. Thickening, colouring and defining them will help restore some youthfulness while also framing the face in an even more flattering way. Brow mascara is great for thickening and colouring, while a pencil is the ideal tool for filling in any gaps and creating a defined shape.

Do you have any youth enhancing beauty tips of your own? How has your beauty routine changed since your late teens? Have your say below.