3 Completely covetable luxury haircare accessories

Posted by: esd admin

Who doesn’t appreciate the finer things in life from time to time? Whether you enjoy a sprinkle of truffle shavings on your handmade pasta, a coat of Chanel polish on your nails or the glint of a prestigious car emblem on the front of your vehicle, we all have a weakness for top drawer, decadent goodies.

If you’re a beauty aficionado, this is a vintage year for splashing out on luxurious treats for your skin and hair. High end beauty and haircare is increasingly big business, and the market has become incredibly diverse.

Whether you’re buying a very special gift for a woman you treasure, or want to give yourself a treat which will make all of your friends jealous, we’ve rounded up some of the most desirable, top-of-the-line haircare accessories new to the market. Perfect for creating gorgeous tresses, and for making you feel like the creme de la creme in the process…


1. Crystal Combs


Crystals are a huge ongoing trend right now. Whether you subscribe to their special properties or not, there’s no denying that these stunning natural stones are eminently collectable – and available in a rainbow of ravishing shades and shines. Now you can own a comb made from twinkling rose quartz, representing love, lightness, openness and peace – to name but a few. Obsidian, white quartz and amethyst combs are also available.



2. Hair Oils

hair oils

Reminiscent of Cleopatra, there’s something about hair oils which is simply queenly – perfect when you want to give yourself the royal treatment. An array of luxury options are now available, including Gisou’s drop dead gorgeous honey-infused hair oil.


3. Hair Perfume

Chanel 5

Want your hair to smell even more heavenly? You might not think that’s possible, but trust us – it is. Hair perfume is making waves in the haircare world, anointing locks with divine fragrances which smell delectable, but won’t harm or mess with your hair. An array of classic (and fresh) scents are now available in hair mist form, including Chanel No.5.

Which luxury haircare product would you most like to try? What’s the most you’d be prepared to spend on a little luxury for your locks? Have your say below