3 Easy Makeup Tips to Take You From Desk to Date

Posted by: Pete Campbell

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day, are there? You’re on a tight deadline but the clock is ticking and, if you don’t want to be unfashionably late for your evening engagement, you’re not going to have the opportunity to stop at home to spruce up. There’s only one thing for it – the ultimate desk-to-date makeover.

These three blissfully simple beauty hacks will help transform your workaday office look into a ravishing date-ready look, perfect for us women with hectic professional and personal lives to keep up with. Here’s how it’s done…

1.See Red

red lipstick

A splash of red lipstick is the ultimate way to transform an office appropriate style into a gorgeous date look. A simple coat of red lipstick, blotted to remove excess oil and then vamped up with a second coat, will turn heads with no need for a full make up reapplication. Choose a “true” red with both orange and blue undertones for a colour which suits all complexions and outfits.

2.Turn Up The Volume


Whether you favour a practical, professional bun or have put your lovely locks through their paces with a frazzling day of office central heating, a spot of TLC for your hair will work wonders when you’re going from desk to date. Start with a spritz of a good quality dry shampoo to breathe some life into your barnet, then switch your parting to the opposite side to give your roots more life. Et voilà! Glamorous, bouncy hair in seconds.

3.Draw A Line


A date look typically calls for a more dramatic, darker eye, but a fresh coat of mascara layered over this morning’s application is a recipe for clumpiness. Instead of attacking your lashes, use a fine eyeliner pen to define your eyes and to create the appearance of extra volume and thickness by filling in the spaces between your eyelashes..

Do you have any top tips for creating a perfect, speeding desk-to-date make up look? Share your best hacks with other readers below.