3 Fitness Gadgets That Are Actually Good

Posted by: Pete Campbell

Jawbones, FitBits, trackers and apps – it feels like there are a zillion fitness gadgets on the market currently, all offering unique benefits and oodles of features. But which are worth your money and which will be forgotten about by next month? To help you sort the good stuff from the fleeting fads, we’ve collected three of our favourite tried and tested fitness gadgets for 2015!


1. SITU Scale

Health and fitness isn’t necessarily about pounding the pavements or pumping iron, sometimes it all comes down to your nutrition. If you’re a keen cook, you’ll know that calorie counting can be really tricky when you’re not eating pre-packaged meals with clearly displayed nutritional values. The SITU Scale is the answer to this problem. Syncing up with your iPad, the SITU weighs every ingredient you put into your culinary concoctions, recording everything from salt and vitamins, to calories, sugars and fats so you know precisely what you’re eating.

2. SmartMat

Don’t want to drag yourself out of bed at 5am to make it to your sunrise yoga class? Not in the mood to trek to your session after work? No problem. The impressive SmartMat is a yoga guide and yoga mat rolled into one, measuring your progress and posture and leading you through personalised yoga sessions and meditations to help you deepen your practice without any need to leave the house. Incredible stuff!

3. Bragi – The Dash

Are you a keen runner? If so, you’ll no doubt know that regular headphones are totally sub par when it comes to getting your jog on. Juddery, tangley, prone to popping off or out of your ears – even pricier options can be less than perfect. Enter: The Dash. These are a fitness tech investment which will seriously pay off, offering pitch perfect, top quality sound, complete unslippable-ness, no more tangled wires and a shed-load of great run and biometric tracking features.

What are your favourite fitness gadgets? Have you tried any of our favourites? What did you think? Have your say in the comments section below.