3 Genius Fixes for a Broken Nail

Posted by: esd admin

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Cultivating a beautiful, flawless set of nails is no easy task. From dried up cuticles, to brittle nails and chipped paint, creating a magazine-worthy set of nails takes plenty of TLC.

Cuticle creams, swallowing biotin capsules, hand moisturising,  nail filing and manicures; there are lots of steps which can go into achieving perfect nails, but even after all that, there’s every chance that life will get in your way and break your nail.

Whether you’re washing up, opening a car door, closing a filing cabinet or carrying equipment, there are any number of ways in which “the worst” can befall your fingernails – usually two hours after a manicure, thanks to Murphy’s Law.

But don’t panic! If your pampered nails break, there are solutions which could fix your predicament! Here are five clever fixes which will have your broken nail looking as good as new.


1. Try the tea bag technique

First carefully clip your broken nail as close to your nail bed as possible, then gently file away any snags – avoiding the break. Cut a tea bag to create a patch which will cover the break, then paint your bare nail with a coat of clear polish. While the polish is still wet, place the tea bag patch over the nail, then allow the coat to dry fully. Paint a further two layers of clear polish over the tea bag patch and finish with the colour of your choice. Voila!

2. Use the silk & gel solution

This video from an actual nail wizard will show you how to use a similar technique using clear gel polish and a silk wrap to achieve good-as-new results.

3. Choose prevention over cure

Don’t want to have to fix a broken nail in the first place? Prevention is far, far better than cobbling together a cure! To avoid broken nails, take plenty of nail-strengthening vitamins, eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, keep your nails as short as you can (without compromising your style – of course!) and use a crystal or glass nail file instead of an emery board (these can actually cause microscopic tears in your nail).

How do you fix your broken nails? Do you have any clever tips for preventing the problem or solving breaks? Share your ideas below.