3 Make Up Brushes You Need in Your Beauty Regime

Posted by: esd admin


Don’t brush off the latest wave of beauty tools. More sanitary than your finger and more precise than a blender, make up brushes are the true make up artiste’s secret for achieving flawless looks – and there’s now a purpose-made brush which will help you nail virtually every make up technique and look.

From thick kabukis to blunt stipplers, the sheer range of make up brushes now on the market can be befuddling. Some barely even look like brushes, but trust us, they could well be your new best friend, depending on your cosmetic preferences. So, which brushes should you invest in and which new options should you incorporate into your beauty regime?

Here are 3 of our favourites we think you should give a try…


1. The Stippling Brush

A short wide brush, with blunt bristles, this new beauty essential could help you achieve perfect, flawless foundation coverage. Tapping your chosen product gently onto your skin to achieve an even spread, before using a swirling motion to buff the product seamlessly into your skin achieves fabulous results and a perfect finish.


2. The cream contour brush

These super professional looking brushes look a little like a giant soft toothbrush for your face. They take some getting used to but, if you like to add a contour to your make up look, they really can’t be beaten. The super soft, oval brush is held vertically so you can see exactly where your product is being applied and gently buffs light and shade into your skin, leaving zero streaks.


3. The eyeshadow blending brush

Perfect smoky eyes are the white whale of many of us beauty-philes, and they certainly can’t be achieved with a finger. Instead, picking up a super fluffy, slender brush like a purpose made eyeshadow blending brush could be the thing which helps you finally nail that mysterious shadow. Use the brush to apply your shadow along the crease of your socket and the outer corners of your eye to perfect the look with this handy tool.

Do you use different brushes in your make up routine? Which are your favourites? Have you tried out beauty blenders before? Share your thoughts and tips with other readers below.