3 Mesmerising Mascara Looks

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It’s easy to overlook our eyelashes. A hurriedly applied coat of everyday mascara, a speedily slapped on set of Saturday night falsies, then most of us are good to go. But our lashes can have a huge impact on our overall look, widening the eye, hardening our edges, softening our features – there are so many styles to explore and effects to create…

Many of us are now used to applying artistic eyeliner styles and turning our brows into masterpieces.  Switching your attention to your lashes is the logical next step. To give you a little eyelash inspiration, we’ve compiled three creative and, frankly, mesmerising eyelash looks fresh from 2016 runways for you to try yourself…


Dolly Lashes

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Long, slightly clumped but beautifully delicate-looking, dolly lashes are a big catwalk trend for 2016. Perfect for a youthful, dewy-eyed look, with a dose of rebellious “out-of-the-ordinary” cool, this style can be achieved by applying a few long individual lashes to your natural eyelashes, or by using a light, lengthening mascara then employing a toothpick or tweezers to gently clump sets of lashes together.

2. Colour Pop

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Feeling colourful? This bold look, created using a simple coloured mascara, is actually more wearable than you might think – and it brings a real dose of brightening fun to even everyday make up looks. Choose a subtle shade which flatters your skin tone then wear with light, coordinated eyeliners or shadows and an overall neutral look create a pretty style which isn’t overpowering.

3. Anime Lashes

Would you like to create a rounder more doe-eyed look? The freshly popular “centre lash” technique is the perfect solution. By applying mascara (or false lashes if you’re going “all out”) to the mid-sections of your upper and lower lashes, avoiding the lashes at the corners of your eyes, you can create the appearance of a rounder more “animé style” eye. Simple but effective.

Have you ever tried experimenting with your mascara style? Will you be giving any of our looks a go? Share your favourite mascara creations and top tips with other readers below.