3 Mistakes That Could Put the Brakes on Your Fitness Journey

Posted by: esd admin

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Hooray! After months of rain, snow, wind, snow and more rain, spring is finally upon us! If the warmer temperatures, birdsong and light evenings have put a spring in your step, you may have found yourself with a fresh dose of fitness inspiration.

But before you race towards your newly found fitness goals, take a moment to read our list of big mistakes which could put the brakes on your fitness journey.


When motivation strikes, it’s all too tempting to plunge into your new regime headfirst, but a little bit of thought could make all the difference – and help you avoid these pitfalls…


1. All the idea – no gear

We might mock rookies who coat themselves in lycra and gizmos before being about to complete five push ups, but those of us who leap into a fitness routine without the right kit could get into a heap of bother. From unsupported ankles (absolutely invest in the right footwear), to baggy t-shirts that seriously get in the way of your new yoga practice, make sure you have the correct kit before you get started.


2. Too much too soon

Have you set an unrealistic fitness goal? You might want to pare things back. Running a half marathon next month after quitting running over a year ago certainly isn’t realistic and could do some serious damage. Set yourself achievable goals which won’t leave you with injuries or feel demotivating in their unattainability.


3. Powering through the pain

If you’re ramping up your fitness, you’re probably going to confront some hurdles along the way. Possibly literally. Pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. While “feeling the burn” is good, if you’re physically hurting, you need to ease off, rest up and, if the problem doesn’t result, consult your GP or physio. Exercising through pain could lead to serious damage which takes much longer to heal.


Have you made any of these fitness mistakes before? Have you got any Spring 2018 fitness goals? Have your say below!