3 of the Best…Apps for Meditation

Posted by: Pete Campbell

From reducing stress and lowering blood pressure, to practising mindfulness and enjoying a calmer, more thoughtful life, there are a hundred and one reasons why people love meditation, and why the practice is enjoying renewed popularity.

Long associated with hippies and yogis, meditation has in the past had a reputation for being “a bit airy fairy”, yet there are now plenty of serious studies out there which demonstrate the potential benefits of giving yourself an “omm moment” on a regular basis.

If you’re curious about the latest meditative trend and fancy giving it a go yourself, we’ve collected three of the very best apps which will ease you into the practice…

1. Headspace

Easily one of the very best (and best loved) meditation apps currently available for smartphones and computers, a Headspace subscription gives you access to hundreds of hours of guided and unguided meditations on everything from health and relationships, to cooking – all designed to help you be more mindful and more aware on a daily basis. Give their Take 10 ten day trial package a whirl to find out whether this app is a good fit for your lifestyle.

2. Buddhify 2

Full of guided meditations, Buddhify 2 has been developed to help you take a break from the franticness of everyday life. Promising “mindfulness for the digital generation” this well designed app gives you tonnes of sessions to tune into and helpful tools that let you learn more, keep notes on your meditations, time your sessions and record your progress.


With sessions and meditations for virtually every purpose, from shedding a few pounds and drifting off to sleep, to achieving professional success and soothing the day’s strains and stresses, Omvana is one of the most comprehensive meditation apps out there. It looks beautiful, feels beautiful and has been developed to help you meditate on the issues that really matter in your life.
Have you tried any meditation apps? What has been your experience? Which applications would you recommend? Share your picks and your stories with other readers below.