3 Of The Best…Apps for New Runners

Posted by: Pete Campbell

There’s something about the changing seasons which can make us really want to make positive changes to our lifestyles. With lazy summer holidays coming to an end, now is a great time to take up a new activity, sport or class.

With no need to book sessions or buy much in the way of fancy equipment, running is having a real renaissance at the moment, particularly among those of us with frantic schedules. Yet sometimes it can seem like the world is divided into two camps; runners who have been pounding the pavements all their lives, and non-runners who haven’t donned a pair of trainers since secondary school. This blog is designed for those in the latter camp.

If you’re not used to it, running can seem daunting. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy to build up your stamina and work towards goals, even when you’re starting from square one. There’s even a whole host of handy apps which will help you make the transition. And that’s what this blog is all about; the very best apps for beginner runners which will take you from puffed out, to superhero in next to no time.


1. Run Keeper

RunKeeper is a favourite among experienced runners but is equally packed with features which work wonders for newbies too. You can use this app to give yourself some serious motivation by logging and sharing your sessions. You can also build your own running plan, with timed alerts when you need to slow down, stop, walk and run. You can even play Spotify playlists behind the announcements to give yourself some real musical drive.

2. Endomondo

Build a plan, reach your goals, track your progress, monitor your statistics, compete against your friends and relatives and play your favourite tracks while doing it. A close competitor to RunKeeper, Endomodo is a well made piece of kit with great functionality for everyone from beginners to veterans.

3. NHS Choices Couch to 5K

If you need a little extra support and guidance, tailor made for new runners, this helpful app from the NHS is a real beauty. Originally a downloadable podcast, Couch to 5K is now an app with Spotify integration so there’s no need to little to the same old “inspirational” background tracks, this excellent 8 week programme will start you off slowly, then help you gradually build your fitness and stamina until you can run five kilometres without stopping. Great stuff!
Have you tried any running apps? What has been your experience? Which applications would you recommend? Share your picks and your stories with other readers below.