3 of the Best…Morning Coffee Alternatives

Posted by: esd admin

We all know that feeling: You scrabble for the alarm on your phone, you hit the snooze, the idea of leaving the duvet feels completely impossible – but you have to. And the only thing which makes it seem remotely achievable? A serious shot of coffee waiting in the kitchen.

There are health benefits to coffee in moderation, but if your caffeine dependency is getting out of control, it may be doing you much more harm than good. It could even be making you feel more tired and drained overall.

Time for a change? We’ve compiled a collection of our favourite caffeine-free morning coffee alternatives which will give you a kick-start but without the buzz…


1. Chai Latte

chai tea

A delicious mix of rich spices and tea will certainly perk up your senses first thing in the morning. Available at your en route commute coffee shop, you can also pick up pre-made blends you can concoct quickly at home – or you could even do things properly and make it from scratch if you have a well-stocked spice rack, some honey and some milk.

2. Matcha


There are a hundred and one amazing beverages you can create using a good quality matcha powder, and they call come packed with plenty of perk. Super high in antioxidants this uber-concentrated type of green tea will give you an amazing boost. Blitz it into a vanilla and banana milkshake with the milk of your choice or create a beautifully frothy matcha latte for a clean, green start to the day.


3. Chia Fresca

chia seeds

Are you going all the way with a serious health kick? A morning chia fresca is a fantastically healthy, nutrient rich way to get going in the morning. To make your own mix a tablespoon of chia seeds with a cup of coconut water, the juice of half a lime and a splash of the syrup of your choice to taste. Leave the brew to sit for 10 minutes, then enjoy this thick and scrummy beverage as an amazingly healthy breakfast.

Do you have a coffee alternative which gets you geared up for a productive day? Share your favourite morning tipples with other readers below.