3 Outdoor calorie-burners that aren’t running

Posted by: esd admin



Do you hate running? You’re not alone. While some of us are natural gazelles and others have learned to love the challenge of covering distances under our own steam, others hate the high-impact activity. Running can be pretty nasty for your joints, runners are often plagued by injury and it’s really hard to find a decent pocket to keep your keys without getting tangled up in your headphone wires.

If you’re in the “no thank you” camp when it comes to running, however, you’re probably missing out on one big perk – getting your fitness on in the Great Outdoors.

There’s nothing quite like fresh air for blowing away those cobwebs, clearing your mind and getting you nice and motivated to exercise. But don’t worry. There are loads of calorie burning fitness activities you can try which don’t involve any running at all.

Here are some of our favourites…


Wild Swimming

Not for the faint-hearted, but incredibly invigorating, wild swimming is perfect for the adventurous explorers amongst you. Invest in a wetsuit and start exploring some of the UK’s most beautiful, hidden wild swimming spots. Some studies suggest that swimming in cold water can give you an overall mood boost.



You may associate hiking with retired ramblers and teenagers bribed into completing their Duke of Edinburgh award, but hiking is having a “bit of a moment” in trendy exercise circles. Fantastic for giving you a real sense of achievement while rocketing through calories (especially if you choose to hike on hilly terrain), this outdoor exercise option also benefits from spectacular views.



If you’re lucky enough to live near a river with rowing facilities, you need to give this outdoorsy fitness activity a try. An hour of rowing could help you power through an impressive 1,000 calories, and it’s incredibly good for strengthening your core. Carrying an injury? Worry not! Rowing is pleasingly low impact.

Do you have a favourite outdoor fitness activity which isn’t rowing? Share your favourites with other fitness lovers in the comments section below.