3 Pointless fitness trends to totally ignore

Posted by: esd admin

yoga stretching

Fitness can be a pretty faddy business. From barre and aerial yoga, to morning raves, pole dance fitness classes and all sorts of gadgets (not to mention all the aspirational workout wear out there), there are bazillions of fitness trends out there – but not all of them are worth jumping on the bandwagon for.

As you might expect, there are plenty of exercise trends which are – quite simply – a bit of a waste of time. OK, they’re probably fun and, if they inspire you to get moving more often and more intensely, it’s all good. However, if you’re serious about your fitness and don’t have time to waste on ineffective “in vogue” workouts, here are three fitness fads you can happily ignore…


1. Red Zone Workouts

When you’re heart rate reaches a particular level, some people believe that you burn calories much more effectively. Whether or not this is scientifically correct is kind of a moot point. When it comes to fitness sessions which claim to help you stay in this prime “red zone”, the technology just isn’t there.

Monitors are often inaccurate and constantly monitoring which “zone” you’re in can cause some people to overexert themselves or push their body beyond its natural limits, resulting in injury and weeks away from the gym. Steer clear!

2. Hot Yoga

There are some definite benefits to warm and hot yoga classes – but they’re not for everybody. Beginners especially should be very cautious when it comes to taking a hot Bikram class.

Dehydration, nausea and dizziness are very real risks. Even if you’re properly hydrated and feeling good, hot yoga spaces can make you artificially limber and flexible, causing you to over-extend and push your body too far. Not good at all!

3. Small Weights+Cardio

We all want to get as much burn and benefit as possible out of cardio, but incorporating small weights into your workout isn’t the answer. These little weights will slow you down (or artificially and dangerously speed you up), reducing the effectiveness of your cardiovascular workout, while also doing very, very little in terms of toning your body. Stick to one thing at a time and do each one properly.

Which recent fitness trend have you had enough of? Have you had any bad experiences with faddy fitness? Share your stories below.