3 Products for Summer Ready Legs

Posted by: esd admin

The Great British Summer wouldn’t be quite the same without a legion of pale, soon-to-be pink, legs making their seasonal debut to the horror of both their owners and the public at large. After nine months in trousers and tights, the typical British pair of pins isn’t going to be looking lovely right away, which is why a spot of TLC is in order to get your legs spruced up and summer-ready. These three products will banish dry skin, moisturise your pins and get you smooth and silky for the summertime…

Exfoliating Brush

exfoliating brush

Exfoliating is the number one summer leg preparation task to invest time in. Perfect for getting rid of dry, flaky skin and for encouraging your legs to soak up plenty of lovely moisturiser, ready to glow in the sun! Exfoliating is also very good for ladies who shave regularly as it can help prevent ingrowing hairs. We like this body brush from Mio.

Body Scrub

body scrub
For a really good exfoliation, you’ll want to upgrade from a brush to a scrub (preferably one which smells heavenly!). If you feel like treating yourself, this Fleur d’Orange scrub from Moroccanoil smells as good as it feels – and helps moisturise your skin while buffing away imperfections.



After all that scrubbing, it’s time to nourish your skin with a rich moisturiser. Moisturise daily to take great care of your skin. Super thick, sweet-smelling and dreamily smooth (plus crammed with mega hydrating Argan oil) Josie Maran’s Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter is on our “want” list this summer.

What’s your “summer ready” legs regime? Do you have a favourite exfoliator, scrub of moisturiser to recommend? Have your say below.