3 Signs You Should Get a Lob (Long Bob)

Posted by: Pete Campbell

lob hairstyle

Once in every generation there comes a hairstyle so “of the moment” it’s significance, popularity and general zeitgeisty-ness can neither be denied or ignored.  In 2015, that hair style is the lob – or, if you’re not up to date with your hairstyle terminology, the long bob. Just like “The Rachel” sported by Jennifer Aniston and legions of women across the fashionable world in the late 90s, the lob is a clear hair trend which is not going anywhere soon.

Universally flattering, pleasingly modern, low maintenance, versatile and wonderfully easy to style, it’s the hairdo of the moment which 50% of your female friends are likely considering as you read this. So should you bite the bullet, follow the crowd and go for the snip? Here are three signs  that it’s time to let go and learn to love the lob.

  1. You’re a bleach or ombre addict
    Bleaching your hair on the regular is not the healthiest way to look after your locks. Repeated bleaching (yes, even ombre ends) leaves hair damaged and frazzled which means that after a few rounds with the dip dye, it’s time to lop off your damaged ends to allow your hair to recover and get nice and healthy again. The perfect solution? An on trend lob.
  2. Your hair feels flat
    If your longer hair feels flat and lacking in va va voom, a lob is a great way to pump up the volume, with blunt ends that create an appearance of thickness, while shorter tresses enjoy a boost once freed from the weight of longer locks.
  3. You’re looking for a new flattering style
    The lob is one of the most universally flattering cuts out there, elongating most face shapes to frame most looks in a flattering way which strengthens the jaw, lengthens the appearance of the neck and draws attention to your mouth and collarbones. For longer faces keen not to add to their look of length, use layers midway down your new style to give it more bulk and width.

Are you considering adopting a lob? Who is your favourite celebrity lob wearer?