3 Skincare Nonsenses to Ignore Altogether

Posted by: esd admin

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There’s a lot of misinformation and marketing nonsense floating around in the world of skincare. With so many brands battling to sell you your next “wonder product” and so many old wives tales, “weird tricks” and rumours around, it’s very difficult to know what to believe when it comes to the products we use on our faces every day.

If you’re keen to avoid the nonsense and find skincare products which make sense, we’ve taken a little time to debunk a few of the most prevalent skincare product “lies” which you shouldn’t believe…


1. “Chemical Free” Matters

No it doesn’t. The idea of putting chemicals on our faces is something that many of us shrink from, but in reality, the makeup of our skin is full of chemicals. When it comes to skincare products the words “chemical free” don’t really mean anything and, in fact, many products actually depend on a certain amount of chemical ingredients to keep them safe and stable over time.

2. You Can Buy Products For Your Specific Age and Gender

No you can’t. Everybody’s skin is different, which means we all need different products to suit our skin type, but this rarely has anything to do with your age or gender. As a rule, “mature” products simply contain more oils and cost significantly more. While products for men are simply repackaged and re-fragranced. Don’t buy into the lie – try a range of products from across the spectrum to find out which works for your personally.

3. It’s Important To Be Brand Loyal

No it’s not. As consumers, it can be easy for us to fall for the marketing that certain brands pump out, they’re often targeted to appeal specifically to you, after all. But every product is different,which means while one brand’s moisturiser works wonderfully on your skin, their cleanser or primer might wreak havoc. Don’t fall for the hype, instead do your research to find different products which work well for you.

Have you fallen for any of these skincare fibs? Share your stories with other readers below.