3 Ways to Beautify Your Eyes in 2018

Posted by: esd admin



Do you feel like your makeup regime has gotten a little – well – stale? With so many groundbreaking products hitting the shelves and creative new looks hitting the runways, it’s easy to get left behind with your “same old” everyday cat eye routine.

If your look could do with an update, changing up your eye makeup could be the upgrade you’ve been dreaming of. The crucial focal point of the face, your eyes often make the biggest impact on those lucky enough to gaze upon your existing beauty. Taking a new tack with your eye makeup, therefore, could radically change and freshen up your style.

Ready for that eye makeup upgrade? Try these three techniques for a fresher look.


1. Opt for a tight line

A cat eye might be an easy classic, but if you’re after something new it can look somewhat dated. Instead of clunky cat-like eyeliner opt for a more contemporary style but preserve the density of “cat eyes” by using a tight line. This means applying a strong line of kohl or eyeliner pencil to the waterline of your upper lid, creating the impression of thicker lashes without gaps – and adding definition for your new look.


2. Be bold

Bold colours and striking application are all the rage at the moment. Rather than focussing on meticulous smoky eye-blending, instead focus on one or two bold shades that you love and which complement your skin tone; from rich blues, to powerful pinks. Apply with a more conventional dusting, or at the corners of your eyes for a pared back daytime look, or double the impact by applying with a dense, graphic, painterly graphic stroke – perfect for all those avant garde parties in your diary!


3. Shine on

Not ready to get too “out there” with your shapes and shades? You can achieve a much more contemporary finish just by giving your old eyeshadow an extra sheen. Silky eyelids and a key beauty trend right now, and they’re incredibly easy to achieve. Simply pat a little gloss or balm over your favourite shadow to give it a 2018 update.

What’s your “go-to” eye makeup look? Will you be trying anything new in 2018? Share your favourite styles and beauty tips with other readers below.