3 Ways to Eliminate Puffy Eyes Instantly

Posted by: esd admin


From late nights, to dehydration, the skin beneath our eyes is ten times thinner than our regular skin, making it ultra-sensitive to mistreatment.

When we don’t look after our bodies quite as well as we should, the under-eye area is one of the first places this bad behaviour can show up, resulting in puffiness, bags and discolouration. Not only do these effects make us look less-than-fresh, they can also age us, creating shadow which makes us look far older.

There are many lifestyle factors which can prompt puffiness. High salt diets can trigger our bodies to retain fluids thus causing eye bags, while dehydration, stress, poor sleep, alcohol consumption and smoking can all contribute to puffy eyes. Tackling unhealthy factors will help reduce the problem over time, but there are some quick fixes out there which could make a difference short term…


1. Haemorrhoid cream

It may not be a glamorous solution, but simple over-the-counter haemorrhoid cream can visibly reduce eye puffiness by triggering blood vessel wall muscles to constrict, minimising inflammation. Apply carefully, avoiding contact with your eye, and enjoy rapid results.

2. A chilled Metal Spoon

Popping a teaspoon in the freezer for 10 minutes, then smoothing it over the affected area causes blood vessels to constrict, visibly reducing the appearance of eye bags and offering seriously soothing sensations for sore eyes. The movement of the spoon can also help promote fluid drainage from the area. A quick fix, the effects sadly only last for a couple of hours – max.

3. Vegetable Slices

Some people recommend the traditional cucumber, others advocate for chilled potatoes while still more claim that nutrient-rich strips of avocado make all the difference to their puffy eyes. Cooling compresses certainly help, while the relaxation of lying back can reduce stress and promote better sleep, making this technique a winner, whichever ingredient you choose.


Do you have any puffy eye-busting techniques of your own? Share them with other readers below.