3 Ways to Make the Treadmill Less Terrible

Posted by: esd admin

Frozen fingers, icy rain, muddy paths and gloomy evenings may have forced you to relocate your runs to the gym, but the treadmill doesn’t need to be torturous. Yes, you’re staring blankly into the middle distance with no change in scenery, yes, the gym doesn’t smell great and yes, that music they’re pumping over the sound system makes you want to kick the nearest personal trainer, but there are plenty of ways you can make treadmill running less tedious.


Here are our top tips…

1. Try technology

From masterminding your ultimate playlist and plugging in your own music, to playing a podcast, watching an episode of your favourite show or trying out apps like iFit Coach which play video that can make you feel like you’re running in a totally different environment, there are plenty of ways to make your treadmill run more fun by embracing technology.


2. Split your runs


Spending too long on a treadmill can seriously take its toll on your boredom threshold which is no good for motivation. If you have a treadmill at home, or live and work close to your gym, why not split your run in half, doing half in the morning and half later to make each session feel more bearable while still getting in all that calorie-torching goodness.


3. Hone your practice

While running outside is more entertaining, it’s also more distracting. From thinking about your route, to watching out for obstacles and admiring the scenery, it’s much less easy to refine the way you run. A nice, predictable treadmill, ideally in front of a mirror gives you amble opportunity to really work on your running technique and find your groove.

Do you have any smart treadmill tips of your own? Share them with other readers below.