4 Fitness Podcasts for Even More Motivation

Posted by: esd admin

The start of 2018 was not the best time for sticking to your fitness goals. Cold, grey drizzle made staying on the sofa a much more inviting prospect than going to the gym, while the bitingly cold “Beast from the East” made cycling virtually torturous. The unexpected inches of March snow only added to how much we just wanted to stay curled up in bed until summer…

However, some of you have almost certainly been heroically clinging on to your fitness goals throughout the hideous weather. Whether you’ve stubbornly refused to quit your rigorous regime, or climbed back on the horse after a week of hibernation – bravo! And congratulations – you’ve almost made it to spring!

If you do need a little more “fitspiration” to help get you over the hump, however, we’ve compiled a collection of four excellent fitness podcasts which will inspire you to keep on moving! From diet and nutrition advice, to new trends and technology, these podcasts are perfect for popping in your ears while you get your sweat on…


1. The Chalene Show

Need a bit of a kick to keep you focused on your fitness goals? Chalene will give it to you in spades! This podcasts aims to get you doing more of the positive things on your to-do list, whether that’s getting more from your exercise routine or building better relationships.


2. The Nutrition Diva

These 10 minute snippets from Nutrition Diva Monica will fill you up with tonnes of clever ways to make what you eat work better for you. From smart health hacks to tasty, guilt-free treats, there’s a wealth of good food ideas to be uncovered here.


3. 20 minute fitness

A handy 20 minute package of everything you need to know about the latest in fitness tech, trends, research, nutrition and more – with plenty of useful tips you can actually use.


4. The Daily Boost

Lacking motivation? The Daily Boost’s Scott Smith will help you tackle that problem in just about every area of life. Focused primarily on well-being, Scott’s helpful ideas are also really useful when it comes to fitness.

Do you have a favourite health and fitness podcast? What do you listen to to keep motivated while you workout? Share your top picks below.