4 Methods for Tackling Cellulite

Posted by: esd admin


As human beings we’re all covered in lumps, bumps and wobbly bits which are far more visible (or problematic) under our own self-critical gaze.  Unfortunately, we also all have our own insecurities which can leave us feeling less than lovely thanks to perceived flaws.

For some of us, cellulite is a troublesome area. Although almost all of us naturally have cellulite, for some people, these bumpy bits damage our confidence and leave us feeling self-conscious about our beautiful bodies.

Most commonly distributed around bottoms, tummies and thighs, these fatty deposits can affect us all – especially women, whether we’re slender size 8s or curvaceous size 20s. If you’re worried about cellulite, there are some techniques and steps you can take to reduce it – or its appearance. Here are a few approaches to consider…


1. Get your sweat on

Any activity which tones and strengthens your muscles can help reduce the appearance of cellulite as improved muscle tone can help keep sub-dermal fatty deposits under control. Time to up your squats!

2. Use Foam rollers

Incorporating foam rollers into your work out or cool down could help to break up fatty deposits as you stretch and tone, reducing the appearance of cellulite over time.

3. Get a massage

Regular professional rub downs, especially those geared towards cellulite reduction, can reduce cellulite’s appearance although may not have a long term effect on cellulite. Vigorous massages can improve blood flow to the skin, improve circulation and help with lymph flow too, giving your skin and body an all-over boost.

4. Use a caffeine scrub

There is some evidence which suggests that caffeine can stimulate lipolysis (the breakdown of fatty deposits). Choosing a scrub will additionally help to stimulate blood flow and circulation which may also reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Have you tried any of these cellulite busting techniques? Did they work for you? Perhaps you have some tips of your own. Share them with other readers below.