4 Reasons to Eat More Dates

Posted by: esd admin


Sweet, rich, sticky – the humble date is one of the few delicious treats which won’t leave you feeling guilty for days. This Middle Eastern staple is a yummy fruit which has more than earned its place in your food diary. Whether you’re rolling them into protein balls, using them to pack sinless flavour into sweet treats or adding them to an authentic Moroccan dish, there are tonnes of reasons why dates are great for you. Here are a few worth knowing about…

1. They’re low Gylcaemic

Dates may be deliciously sweet but diabetics will be pleased to hear that these sugary snacks are actually low glycaemic food. This means that they do not cause dangerous sugar spikes when eaten and won’t send your blood sugar sky-rocketing, ready for a nasty crash.

2. They’re rich in fibre

From our digestive systems, to our cholesterol levels, fibre plays an incredibly important part in our diets, even helping to reduce our vulnerability to heart disease and cancers. Dates are fit to burst with the stuff, making them extra healthy. Best of all, the fibre in dates is mostly insoluble, which means they’re awesome at binding to fat and carrying it out of the body.

3. They may lower Triglyceride levels

Triglyceride is usually a helpful type of fat which is stored in our fat cells when we have a surplus of cholesterol, ready for release when we need a burst of energy. But too many triglycerides can be bad news, putting us at risk of strokes and heart attacks. Some research has suggested that dates could reduce our levels by as much as 15%.

4. They’re bursting with B vitamins

Including B6 which is an essential substance for the formation of red blood cells and the neurotransmitters dopamine and seratonin which are crucial to maintaining a “happy mood”.

Do you love or loathe dates? Do you have any yummy date recipes? Share them with other readers below.