4 Steps to Party-Proof Your Makeup

Posted by: esd admin



Are your Christmas festivities likely to be exceedingly joyful this year? Perhaps your NYE is going to feature both metaphorical and literal fireworks. If you intend to party hard this season, you’re probably braced to face photographs of your once-immaculate makeup looking somewhat bedraggled as you suffer through the morning after the night before.

Sweaty dancing, crowded nightspots, Christmas cheer and plenty of beverages are a recipe for slipped eyeliner, worn-off shadows, wonky contours, smeared lippy and migrating foundation. While the revelry is almost certainly worth it, if you want to keep your makeup looking en pointe all night, it’s not impossible!

Party-proofing your makeup takes some extra thought but, if you’re looking for a solid look that takes pretty pictures all night long, it’s well worth the effort! Here’s how to party-proof your festive look..


1. Opt for Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara may take you back to your summer holidays and splashing about on the beach, cocktail in hand, but it’s also a lifesaver at winter parties. Steamy bars and sweaty dance floors mean very moist air, which will see your regular mascara heading cheek-ward in no time. Go waterproof for immaculate lashes.


2. Get Blotting

Constantly applying powder calls for a mirror (which can be pretty tricky to access at busy events). Too much powder can also leave you looking rather chalky by Uber-summoning time. Blotting paper, which soaks up excess facial oil is an easy alternative which doesn’t leave you covered in powder and only calls for a few discreet pats – no mirror required!


3. Choose liquid liner & cream shadow

Just like non-waterproof mascara, kohl and powder eyeshadow do not hold up well once events become sweaty. To protect yourself from this pitfall, choose a quality liquid eyeliner and a shimmering cream eyeshadow for makeup which holds on all night!


4. Ready, set…set!

Even with all the best product choices, your liquid liner, waterproof mascara and party-ready cosmetics probably won’t hold up perfectly. To really lock them in and to give everything extra staying power, a top notch setting spray is your very best friend. Don’t skimp on this product and make sure you do your research to find a highly rated option that suits your skin and product choices. Trust us, a great setting spray is a godsend!

How do you party-proof your makeup? Which products do you struggle with in the midst of festivities? Share your tips and tales with other readers below.