4 Super Speedy Makeup Tips Which Will Save You Time

Posted by: esd admin

woman with liptstick

It’s not easy being a woman, whatever lifestyle you embrace. From trying to get the kids in the car before school, to transforming your look straight after work or running late for a crucial meeting, finding enough time to project the image you choose can be a serious challenge amid the manic pace of everyday life.

While some of us like to spend hours creating our perfect looks, and others need just 10 minutes to spruce up, it’s likely that none of us ever have the amount of time we want to spend on personal pampering and presentation. That’s why shaving a few valuable minutes and seconds off your usual makeup routine can be such a boon – giving us even more time for the extra bits.

Give these super speedy makeup tips a while to supercharge your beauty routine…


1. Multitask!

Multitasking is the ultimate time-saver so why not get yourself a product that can do both? From 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners, to tinted moisturisers (instead of a full face of primer and foundation), invest in multitasking products which cut prep time in half.

2. Power up your pout

No time to put together a full look? When you’re feeling less than perfected, a “power pout” can work wonders, especially in terms of amping up your confidence. A bright splash of red lippy works wonders when time is tight.

3. Be tactical

If a power pout doesn’t work for you, take some time to consider your true beauty essentials. If you’re blessed with great skin, skip that step. If your eyelashes are naturally long, miss out the mascara. Prioritise your routine to complete the tasks which make you feel the most beautiful and the most confident.

4. Curl it up

Mascara can take time to apply perfectly and when you’re in a rush, any slip can be an untimely disaster. Yet, a fuller lash can transform your look. To skip the faff, invest in a decent pair of eyelash curlers to get amped up lashes faster and without blobby mistakes.

Do you have any super speedy make up tips of your own? Share them with other readers below.