4 Supposedly Healthy Foods With More Calories Than a Doughnut

Posted by: Niral

We all know that there are tonnes of brands and foods which create the impression of being good for us, despite containing a lot of sneaky calories, carbohydrates, fats and sugars. Sometimes it’s just easier to live in blissful ignorance and never look at those horrifying food labels.

Yet there are some, everyday supposed “healthy” foodstuffs many of us consume which are chock-a-block with even more sugar than a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut. In some cases, you’d be better off indulging in something unapologetically naughty like a doughnut, than munching through something that’s supposed to be wholesome.

Stand by to find out which healthy-branded products are actually more sugar-packed than a doughnut…


1. Coffee chain coolers


They may seem more virtuous than a triple hazelnut hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, but blended juice drinks from most mainstream coffee chains are packed with calories. In fact, Costa’s Peach & Berry Cooler contains more calories than 14 Krispy Kremes, largely coming from the whopping 98g of sugar found in its massimo size cups. That’s a lot of sugar.


2. Supermarket Salads


You’ve steered clear of the smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich option, but supermarket salads can be just as calorific. Why do you think they taste so much better than salads you make at home? Waitrose’s Crayfish & Mango salad contains 11g of sugar, equating to 4.5 Krispy Kremes. Next time you opt for the healthy salad option, make sure you read the label.


3. Pre-prepared Sauces


It may be easier than cooking sauce from scratch, but there’s often an awful lot of sugar hiding out in jars of premade sauce. Dolmio’s Bolognese Sauce contains 8.4g of sugar per 125g serving. That’s the equivalent of 1.2 doughnuts before you’ve even touched your pasta (let alone Parmesan!).

4. Smoothies and Juices

Brands like Innocent and Tropicana certainly help you get your 5 a day, but store-bought smoothies and juices are absolutely full of sugar. Some of these sugars are good, but the sheer quantity in each bottle is pretty scary. A 250ml bottle of Innocent Pomegranate, Blueberry & Acai Smoothie contains 34.4g of sugar, whilst Pret a Manger’s fresh orange juice contains 25.5g.

Which secretly calorific “healthy” seeming foods do you indulge in? Were you aware of their sugar content? Which foods have tricked you in the past? Share your experiences and knowledge with other readers below.