4 Ways to Banish Blackheads

Posted by: esd admin

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We’re all our own harshest critics. We’re also the only people who will ever cruelly scrutinise ourselves from millimeters away. That’s why so many of us complain of clogged pores and big blackheads when our skin looks plain lovely to others.

Pores in particular are always less noticeable than you think. However, if you think your skin could do with a bit of TLC and you would like to banish clogs for your own peace of mind, there are all sorts of ways to get on top of your blackheads.

Here are four blackhead banishing techniques which will leave your skin looking imperfection free even with your nose pressed against the mirror!

1. Add an enzymatic exfoliator to your skincare regime

Keeping pores clean and clear of dirt is the key to preventing blackheads and minimising the appearance of pores. Any product including an enzymatic exfoliator (like glycolic acid) will get rid of dead skin cells and any excess sebum which might be hanging around.


2. Step things up with salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is another great skincare weapon to have in your anti-blackhead arsenal. Fantastic for dissolving any blackheads which may already be developing, this ingredient can stop a little clog from becoming a much bigger problem.


3. Keep calm and moisturise

Adding “oily” feeling products to your face may feel like the wrong thing to do if you’re struggling with visible pores and blackheads, but keeping your skin moisturised is essential, helping to keep your skin balanced and allowing you to exfoliate without dryness. Choose a light, milky moisturiser to find the right balance.


4. Steam and peel

Peeling products, such as nose strips and charcoal-based products, are a good way to remove blackheads and give your pores a refresh, especially after a long hard day. Make sure you steam your skin first (pop a towel over your head over a sink full of warm water or simply take a bath) before you use peeling masks on problem areas to get the best effect.

Do you have any tried and tested blackhead removal techniques? How do you keep your pores clean and clear? Share your routines below!