4 Ways You’re Drinking Water Wrong

Posted by: esd admin

glass of water

Drinking enough water every day may not sound all that difficult, but many of us are making some seriously hydration mistakes. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated and that drinking around three pints every day will help us get healthier, feel better and enjoy clearer skin. But there are lots of other facts about water which we don’t know. Here are the four most common “water drinking mistakes” and how to avoid making them yourself…

1. Hydrating after exercise, not before

After your workout, you’re usually gasping for a drink. But hydrating before you exercise is just as important as hydrating afterwards. Drinking water at least 30 minutes before you workout will keep you fitter, healthier and help prevent headaches.

2. Feeling “hungry”, not thirsty

Sometimes when we feel hungry, it’s actually our bodies telling us we need to hydrate. Drink water before meals and throughout the day to help reduce snacking and give your body the water it wants.

3. Not hydrating consistently

It’s not easy to cram those three important pints into our everyday lives, so chugging lots of water when you have a moment feels like it’s saving time. Unfortunately, hydration doesn’t work like that. Staying freshly topped up throughout the day is key to healthy hydration.

4. Avoiding tea and coffee

If you’re worried about hydrating properly, you may be avoiding tea and coffee in the belief that these beverages actively dehydrate you. In fact the diuretic effects of caffeinated beverages do not exceed the hydrating effects of their water content. So, go on, make yourself a cuppa!

How do you make sure you’re drinking your three pints of water each day? Do you have any tips or tricks to share with other readers? Have your say below.