5 Beauty Buzzwords You Need to Know for 2017

Posted by: esd admin

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2016 was the year that beauty trends seriously took over. The rise of Instagram and beauty blogging has put the latest techniques on the front page, prompting everyone and their dog to invest in lip kits and contouring products.

But with more and more of us rejecting the heavy make-up look which contouring creates, 2017 is set to be a much “lighter” year when it comes to our faces – with plenty of fresh new trends to try.

Here are the top five new beauty trends you need to know about to get ahead of the beauty game next year…


1. Colour Camouflaging

Whether you suffer from dark circles or pesky blemishes, very few of us are lucky enough to have a flawless complexion but, as you probably know, concealer and foundation are seldom enough to totally disguise those little things we’re not quite happy with.

Enter: colour camouflaging – a technique which uses colour theory to help us hide those little imperfections. To make it work for you, apply products with a green hue to cancel out redness, a salmon shade to hide darkness and use a light pink to highlight the parts of your face you love – then apply concealer, foundation or both over the top.

2. Draping

Want to enhance your bone structure without contouring or strobing? Try draping! Choose a darker blush and a lighter, bolder blush, applying the former in the hollows of your cheeks and the latter on your apples, then blend it out to create a lighter, contrasting effect.

3. Sun Stripping

Love that holiday glow? Apply bronzer from the centre of your face outwards focusing on the apples of your cheeks, the top of your nose and along your hairline to create a more realistic, tanned effect.

4. Buffing

Hate cakey foundation? Buffing could be the solution you’re looking for. For smoother, more flawless foundation, use a sponge and apply a light foundation all over your face using a gentle circular motion for a more perfect finish.

5. Spotlighting

A more low key alternative to strobing, spotlighting banishes those sheeny, sparkly highlighters (which can look OTT during daylight hours) and replaces them with glossy products, like a serum, to create a more realistic, reflective glow on the apples of your cheeks, brow bone, cupid’s bow and nose.

Have you tried any of the beauty trends on our list? Share your tricks, tips and experiences with other readers below.