5 Chocolate Bars Which Won’t Scupper Your Diet

Posted by: Pete Campbell

Chocolate cravings can be tough to beat, especially when you’re on a diet and dreaming of treats. Working hard to eat healthily is great, and thinking carefully about your meals and your intake is really important. Yet, the more you think about the food you consume, the more likely you are to find yourself obsessing over the naughty treats you’re not suppose to have too…

If you do cave in and succumb to chocolate cravings, however, all is not lost. While some chocolate bars are crammed full of fat and calories (Yorkies are the worst – steer clear!) there are a few tasty treats which aren’t half as bad as you might think. If those chocolatey daydreams just won’t abate, this list of 5 bars won’t ruin your health kick if you have one naughty indulgence…

5. Crunchies


The airy honeycomb in Crunchies may be yummy, but it’s also the reason why this bar isn’t the chocolate crime of the century when it comes to your diet. With 185 calories and 7.6g of fat, it’s not exactly a stick of celery, but it’s not a black forest gateaux either.

4. Flake


Because of the milk chocolate content, delicious crumbly Flakes contain more fat (9.2g) than Crunchie bars, but are also lower in calories, with a mere 161 to their name. If you want to enjoy a chocolatey treat with less of the guilt, why not crumble half a Flake into some low fat natural yoghurt?

3. Smarties


Now made with natural colourings, Smarties are a handy chocolate vice because you can have just a small handful now and again. If you do want the whole tube, however, you’ll be consuming 178 calories and a relatively palatable 6.8g of fat.

2. Milkybar

2. Milkybar

These child-sized treats are small enough to feel less guilt inducing, but sweet and yummy enough to feel like a satisfying chocolatey treat. With 137 calories and 7.9g of fat, they’re not going to seriously derail your diet every now and again.

1. Milky Way


The ultimate no-shame chocolate bar. If you eat just one half of your Milky Way you’ll be enjoying a mere 98 calories and 3.5g of fat. Can’t say fairer than that!

What’s your ultimate chocolate vice? Perhaps you don’t have a sweet tooth? Which food do you crave while dieting? Share your cravings with other readers below.