5 Essential Non-Slip Make Up Tips

Posted by: esd admin

red lipstick

Don’t you hate that moment when you look in the mirror at lunchtime only to find that your carefully applied make up which looked so flawless this morning has now run halfway down your face? If you hate eyeliner with a life of its own and foundation which just doesn’t seem to stay, these five foolproof tips will help you keep your look en pointe all day, every day.


1. Prepare your surface

Creating a solid base for your look is all important if you’re looking for foundation which will stay put for as long as possible. Getting rid of any dead skin is a crucial step. Using an exfoliating scrub before applying your foundation will help it stay put for longer. If you don’t have time for a scrub before work, invest in some exfoliating wipes for a speedy alternative.

2. Use less notion

Too much moisturiser will cause your foundation to slip much more quickly. If your skin doesn’t need too much hydration, cut back on the moisturiser. If you have thirsty skin, give your moisturiser as long as possible to sink into your skin and pat with a towel before applying foundation.

3. Give your foundation a strong foundation

Primer is a key tool in the arsenal of any lasting make up look. Invest in a good one and apply liberally before your contouring, concealer or foundation to really lock in your look.

4. Use pencil as a primer

If you want your eye make up – particularly that liquid liner – to stay in place all day, use a pencil eyeliner as a primer for the finished look to make sure your perfectly lined eyes don’t go anywhere.

5. Powder for perfection

To finish off your “stay all day” make up look, a finishing layer of powder is essential. You can touch this final layer up over the course of the day, but remember: if you have oilier skin, you’ll need to blot away any excess oil before adding a fresh dusting of powder to make sure the pigments don’t slip.