5 Essential Tools for Beautiful Brows

Posted by: Pete Campbell

It’s all about the eyebrows in beauty land at the moment. From Cara Delevingne to Gigi Hadid, full, immaculately sculpted eyebrows are a true beauty must-have. But this level of perfection takes investment and effort. If you want to get the “perfect brow” look, these five tools are essential…

1. A Spoolie


You may not be familiar with the terminology, but you’ve almost certainly seen a spoolie before – it’s the spiralling brush you’ll find at the end of some eyebrow pencils. Use it to brush your brows into beautiful feathery shape before you use your pencil or powder, then use it to blend your lines for a more natural look.

2. Eyebrow Scissors

eyebrow scissors

If you’ve ever tried to trim your eyebrows with nail scissors, you’ll know just how difficult (and sometimes dangerous) it can be. Specially designed scissors (like these from Tweezerman) allow you to reach those sneaky overlong strands with precision, leaving you with flawless, immaculately groomed brows.

3. Slanted tweezers

slanted tweezers

A true essential in any eyebrow beauty kit, a quality pair of slanted tweezers will keep your brows in neat nick. Use them to pluck your brows in the direction of growth to ensure you don’t break any strands and to make sure you create a perfect finish.

4. Pointed Tweezers

pointed tweezers

For real pros, one pair of tweezers is never enough. Pointed tweezers will give you extra precision so you can seek and destroy those sneaky strays and stubbly bits your slanted tweezers can’t reach.

5. Brow Gel

eyebrow gel

After all that precision grooming, colouring and styling, the last thing you want is for all your hard work to get messed up on your commute. Gels, sprays and wands designed to set your eyebrow style will ensure they look perfect all day.

What are your eyebrow beauty must haves? Share your style secrets with other readers below.