5 Fiendish Ways to Banish Frizz

Posted by: esd admin

With much of the UK experiencing a serious dose of late-August heat and humidity, many of us Brits are discovering that we’re simply not prepared for proper heatwaves. We may bemoan our usual drizzly climate, but as soon as a hot spell arrives it’s all intolerably hot public transport and humidity hair we have zero control over.

But don’t panic! In fact; keep calm and carry on. We have the answer. If your hair has gone wild thanks to the latest wave of intense mugginess, we’ve compiled a few fiendish solutions to frizz so you can stay smooth and sleek all summer.


1. Go for glycerin and steer clear of sulphates in your shampoo

Glycerin is great for moisturising hair from the inside out. Sulphates, on the other hand, strip away much of your hair’s moisture. Staying frizz free is all about keeping hair as hydrated as possible so bear this in mind next time you stock up on shampoo.

2. Get serious about conditioning

Condition every time you wash your hair and, once or twice a week, skip the shampoo altogether and use conditioner alone to clean your hair. Using a hydrating or conditioning mask weekly will also help you in the fight against frizz.

3. Drip dry, don’t blow dry

If you have the time, allow your hair to air dry as much as possible. Once it’s 90% dry, then use a hairdryer to style your locks. Hot air blown directly onto your hair is a dehydrating recipe for frizz.

4. Use a leave-in conditioner or serum before your workout

When we sweat during exercise, the sodium in our perspiration can dehydrate our locks, again increasing that unwanted frizz. Smoothing a leave-in conditioner or serum through your hair before your workout can make all the difference.

5. Brush your hair

This might sound ludicrously simple, but brushing your hair doesn’t just detangle, it also helps to distribute the natural oils you produce through your locks, helping to tame frizziness and keep you sleek.

Do you suffer from frizz in humidity? Do you have any smooth hair secrets? Share them with other readers below.