5 Foods That Nourish Your Hair for Extra Shininess

Posted by: esd admin

We’re glad that the old saying “you are what you eat” isn’t true, or we’d all be a bunch of avocados by now, but there is some truth to the notion that the foods we choose to nourish us can affect how we look (and we’re not just referring to our waistlines). The ingredients we put into our bodies can make a real difference to everything from our hair, to our skin, which means eating the right amounts of key vitamins and minerals is important for ensuring we look our glowiest, glossiest best.

These five foods are ideal for making sure your have the nourishment you need to get  the shiniest, healthier hair:

1. Walnuts


Tasty in salads, as a snack in in desserts, walnuts are easy to weave into your everyday diet and they’re top notch for your locks, pumped full of omega 3, biotin and vitamin E. They even protect your hair from harmful UV.

2. Lentils


For great shine, your hair also needs strength. The rich protein and iron in lentils is perfect for that. They’re also wonderfully versatile, whether you’re making a nourishing soup, or a scrummy curry.

3. Avocado


Everyone’s favourite wonder food! The magical avocado is great for encouraging shiny hair. It’s bumper crop of omega oils is super nourishing, encouraging faster, healthier hair growth.

4. Seaweed


From dried seaweed snacks, to yummy treats at your local, good quality Chinese restaurant (no MSG, if you please) seaweed is another amazing food for your hair, crammed with iron and phytonutrients including manganese, iodine, iron, zinc, copper, omega-3 and selenium.

5. Eggs


Healthy fats, keratin, vitamin D and iron – four key ingredients for stronger, healthier hair, are all found in eggs. Scramble them, poach them, (bake or fry them if you’re feeling naughty), just include them in your diet for glossier locks.

What are your beauty super foods? Have you noticed that your diet has an effect on your hair? Have your say and share your recipes and tips below.