5 Foundation Mistakes You Might Be Making

Posted by: esd admin

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There are approximately seven bazillion YouTube tutorials out there all claiming to help you apply flawless foundation. Yet, even with advice from every beauty blogger on the planet, many of us still aren’t satisfied with the coverage we apply.

From cakey layers and unnatural tints, to dry areas, greasy patches, uneven colour and flakey foundation, there’s an awful lot that can go wrong when you’re trying to get that perfect “natural” glow.

So where are you going wrong? The answer could lie in an array of areas. You could have picked the wrong product from the get-go. You may be using a less-than-ideal tool for application. You might need to address your skincare or beauty regime more generally, adding or removing steps as appropriate.
Where should you start? These five very common foundation mistakes might shed a little light on the situation…


1. Choosing the wrong product

This is the oldest foundation mistake in the book. It’s also one of the trickiest (and most costly) to fix. Finding your perfect foundation can be a real case of trial and error. Everybody’s skin is different after all. Talking to an in store beauty expert can help you narrow down your search, helping you find the correct shade and level of coverage for your skin tone and type.

2. Not using primer

Primer may be a relatively new skincare essential but, over the past decade, it’s become a real staple for anyone looking for that “retouched” flawless look. Fantastic for smoothing out coverage and keeping makeup in place all day, make primer an unmissable step in your routine for perfected foundation.

3. Doing a rush job

Good things come to those who wait and, unfortunately, the same is true when it comes to perfect coverage. Letting your moisturiser and primer dry before applying foundation is crucial if you want a smooth finish.

4. Overdoing it

To get an even skin tone it’s tempting to apply layer after layer or foundation, but this will ultimately look caked on and fake. For a subtler look, use one layer of primer, carefully applied concealer to red area and a smooth layer of foundation.

5. Using your fingers

Unsanitary and inconsistent, your fingers are not the right tools for applying foundation. Instead opt for a good quality makeup sponge or foundation brush (which you keep nice and clean) to get a stunning finish.

Are you guilty of any of these foundation crimes? Do you have any application tips for our readers? Have your say below.