5 Hacks to Speed Up Your Morning Beauty Regime

Posted by: Pete Campbell

Monday morning. There’s a full week of work ahead and the weekend lasted for what felt like 45 minutes. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could have just five more minutes under the duvet? If only your beauty regime didn’t eat into your precious snoozing time…

As luck would have it, the Elizabeth Street Dentist team have done the leg work and tracked down a few solutions. We’ve compiled a list of five excellent hacks which will shave whole minutes from your usual morning make up routine, giving you the gift of a little lie in. You’re welcome! Here’s how it’s done…

1. Prepare Before Bed

If you can wake up fresh faced, you’ve already won half the manic morning battle. Before bed, use a peel pad to remove dead skin and use an overnight moisturiser or sleeping mask to ensure you wake up with a plump, hydrated complexion. Look for products which include glycerin or hyaluronic acid for this second step.

2. Get Organised

There’s nothing worse than spending precious minutes scrabbling about to find a blusher brush when you’re already running late. Get your beauty area organised to ensure you know exactly where everything is every morning.

3. Try the Rule of Three

If you don’t have time for a full face of make up, the “rule of three” will serve you well and cut time. Think about which three make up items are you true essentials – which would you take to a desert island? Once you’ve decided, make these three steps your minimalist, super speedy make up regime for time-strapped days.

4.Find Multi-tasking Products

Isn’t modern science a marvel? There are now lots of beauty products which can perform more than one function, including BB creams which also work as primers, concealers, foundation and powder! Keep your eyes peeled for multi-purpose products which work for you.

5.Make an Instant Impact

To create a high impact look in seconds, concentrate on just one area of your look and “go bold”! From heavy lashes to a bright, coral lipstick, choose one dramatic element to create a strong look, super quickly.

Do you have any time saving morning make up tips? Share them with other readers below.