5 Hydration Tips For Winter

Posted by: Niral

Many of us realize the importance of drinking enough water and staying hydrated throughout the summer months, especially if we are exercising. However, what many people don’t see is that it is just as important to ensure that you take in enough fluids during the colder months. Going from heated homes, offices, and cars, into the cold air can play havoc with your hydration levels. It is also too easy to overlook the loss of fluids through exercise during the winter because we don’t feel like we are sweating as much.

Here are some top tips on how to start hydrated during the winter months:

1.      Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up

We lose a lot of fluid while we are sleeping and one of the best ways to replenish this is to drink a glass or water, or hot water and lemon if you prefer, as soon as you wake up. This also kick starts the body internally so it will be fully ready for whatever you throw at it that day.

2.      Exercising outside? Take some water with you

Just because you don’t feel as if you are sweating that much when you go for your run doesn’t mean that your body is not losing fluid, it’s just natural when you exercise. As you would do in the summer months, make sure that you take a bottle of water or a sports drink with you to drink during your work out.

3.      Take a warming beverage with you on your commute

What better way to warm up your commute than with a travel mug full of your favorite hot beverage. Not only will it keep you warm in the car or on the train, but it will boost your hydration levels too. Try going decaf for even better results.

4.      Drink warm water and lemon or decaf hot drinks throughout the day

If cold water isn’t your thing during the colder months then use warm water with lemon or squash, or decaf tea or coffee to keep your hydration levels high throughout the day. Remember that caffeinated drinks can cause dehydration so switch to decaf if you can, maybe set your afternoons as caffeine free.

5.      Alternate water with alcoholic beverages during parties

. By alternating alcoholic beverages with water you will not only wake up feeling fresher, you will also save money, and look great. No raging hangovers for you this year.