5 Mascara Mistakes to Cut Out of Your Beauty Regime

Posted by: esd admin



We all make mistakes. And the moments we spend applying mascara are more susceptible to mistakes than most! In fact, aside from stabbing ourselves in the iris and accidentally blinking at the wrong moment, there’s a whole host of mascara mistakes many of us make.

To help you fix the issues and get your best lashes ever, we’ve shared five of the most common mascara errors below. Get ready to seriously improve your flutter game…


1. Curling your lashes after mascara

Always curl your lashes before you apply your mascara. You may think that the stickiness of the product will help enhance the curled effect (a little like a hair gel) but in fact it makes it more likely that you will snap or damage your lashes as mascara makes them much more brittle.

2. Not using your brush vertically

Most of us only use our mascara brush horizontally to swipe the length of our lashes. In fact, you should be using the brush vertically too. This will help you get right to the bottom of your lashes to achieve full coverage, length and volume.

3. Pumping the wand into the bottle

You may think that wiggling your brush in and out of the product helps you get a more consistent coating on the brush, but it actually pumps air into the bottle which can dry out the product making your next application look spidery and crumbly.

4. Reapplying mascara

While eyeliner and lipstick can be reapplied for a freshen up, adding a new coat of mascara over an old application is a no-go, causing your lashes to get clumped up and bitty.

5. Not using eyelid primer

Even with the most diligent and perfect application, by the end of the day, mascara will almost certainly have made its way onto your eyelid. To help prevent this happening and to make it easier to remove smudge, apply a concealer or primer over your eyelid before you lengthen those lashes.

Do you have any mascara tips of your own? Share them with other readers below.