5 New Fitness Fads to Make You Sweat in 2018

Posted by: esd admin

female boxing

After all of your Christmas indulgences, you’ll probably be looking forward to feeling the burn in the New Year. But if you’re not eagerly anticipating the return to the treadmill or the weights section, it could well be time to mix things up a bit. After all, a change is as good as a rest!

As luck would have it, now is the perfect time to add something fresh to your fitness regime. New fitness fads are springing up left, right and centre as new generations enjoy a health and fitness renaissance that their couch potato counterparts in the nineties spurned in favour of a pint of lager and a packet of crisps.

The Instagram generation has thrown some serious fuel onto the fitness industry fire, and its lead to evermore creative, niche and novel ways to get your sweat on. So what new workouts should you be giving a go in 2018? Here are a few that tickle our fancy…


1. Virtual Boxing

In 2016, we all went boxing mad. Amazing cardio which makes you feel kick ass and powerful? Sign us up. But now there’s a new twist on the trend in town: virtual boxing. This workout allows you to box yourself fit in the comfort and privacy of your own home, with no need to schlep to the gym with all your kit, or feel self-conscious as a newbie. Companies like BoxxMethod allow instant access to one off classes or full blown boxing courses, complete with nutrition plans, if you want to go all the way.



If you’re seriously sick of the gym, but don’t want to be stuck at home either, make 2018 the year you get into parkour. This outward-bound, adrenaline-pumping activity has recently been recognised as an Olympic sport and there are all sorts of classes and facilities you can use to become a real life urban superhero.


3. Training Your “Mindbody”

If you’ve ever felt destressed after a good hard workout, or found that dedication to a fitness regime has helped you become more focused and determined in everyday life, you’ll know that physical exercise can do wonders for your mind. More and more classes which pay attention to this benefit are springing up, helping you feel good inside and out.


4. HIIT Dance

If you’re hooked on the pace of HIIT, but wish your hardcore class was a little more fun, HIIT dance sessions are definitely the next step for you. Get your sweat on to the most danceable tracks, so you can come out both aching and grinning too.


5. Hydro Workouts

Want to try a workout which really makes a splash? Fitness in the pool doesn’t have to mean endless lengths or 60+ aqua aerobics (although that’s fab too). For something fresh and new, however, sign up for a water workout like aquAllure or SwimSanity which take the form of circuits in the pool. The extra resistance of the water will help you get more from your workout.

What’s the latest fitness class you’ve given a whirl? What do you fancy trying next? Share your stories with other readers below.