5 of the Best…Beautiful Yoga Mats

Posted by: esd admin

Are you bored of staring at the same old purple foam mat during your downward dog? These five cool yoga mats will brighten up your next session and inspire better practice. We’ve rounded up five of the most colourful, creative and great looking mats currently on offer, to help make your cobra even cooler and to help you get even more enthused about yoga.

1. Magic Carpet Yoga Mat, Anthropologie (£88.00)

magic carpet

For anyone who craves a bit of escapism with their yoga session, this stunning Anthropologie mat is a winner. Inspired by traditional textiles, this easy wipe clean, non-toxic PVC mat will be the envy of your fellow yogis.

2. Combo Mat – Dreamscape, Yoga Design Lab (£56.00)

dreamscape design

We love this machine washable mat, with its rich colours and gorgeous swirling cloudscape design. Non-slip and designed to be used as a towel too, this is a brilliant all-in-one product which will save you gym bag space while looking great.

3. The Pills Yoga Mat, Plank (£67.00)

pills yoga mat

Who needs piles of pills when a healthy lifestyle and good yoga can keep you in fine fettle? This tongue in cheek, heat activated mat is designed for optimum performance and to raise a chuckle.

4. Baja Smoke Yoga Mat, Magic Carpet (£69.00)

Baja smoke

With a traditional Baja Californian design, this beautiful yoga mat looks as good as it feels, and it’s made using sustainable UV-cured inks and non-Latex PVC for your comfort.

5. The Jagger, Yeti Yoga (£44.00)

the Jagger

We adore this sunny, hand-painted abstract design from Yeti Yoga. Made using Pthalate- and Latex-free PVC and non-toxic, UV-cured inks, this is a truly feel-good yoga mat.

Would a bright and beautiful mat help encourage you to improve your yoga practice? Do you have a favourite from our picks? Have your say below.