5 of the Best…Water Bottles for Your Workout

Posted by: Niral

We all know how important hydration is for everything from our fitness regimes to our complexions. Whether it’s ensuring our bodies don’t let us down due to dehydration, or keeping ourselves free from toxins, lots of water is an absolutely essential part of any healthy lifestyle.

But it’s not always easy to have liquid on hand when you really need it. Whether you need something hands free for long runs or something small and convenient you can stash in your satchel, finding the perfect receptacle that will keep you refreshed can be challenging.

Fortunately, water bottle tech has become seriously smart in the last couple of years, with clever creators coming up with all manner of brilliant concepts to keep us hydrated whatever our fitness regime. Check out our 5 favourite water bottles that will help you stay hydrated in style.

1. Camelbak Eddy

Ideal for the gym, particularly for spinning sessions, this handy bottle has an in-built straw, perfect for slurping when your hands are occupied with your workout.

2. The Square

Sleek, solid and guaranteed not to roll around on the floor during your pilates session, The Square is a convincing exercise in simple-but-brilliant design. It may be a little pricier, but this contraption is never going to leak and it opens at both ends for super easy cleaning too.

3. Vapur

When you need water on the go, this smart design which crumples up to fit in your bag is pure genius. It even comes with a clip on carabiner – extremely handy.

4. S’well

If you like hydration with a fashionable touch, S’well’s stunning collection of artfully lovely, non-toxic, non-leeching stainless steel bottles will keep your beverages cool (or hot) for up to 24 hours (and look good while doing it).

5. FuelBelt Slice

Eager runner? Strap this clever contraption to your wrist and hit the road, staying hydrated at every step of the way.

What do you look for from a workout water bottle? Have you tried any on our list? What was your experience? Share your picks with other readers below.