5 Reasons to Buy Yourself a Bottle of Rose Water

Posted by: esd admin


Readily available for less than £2 in “world food” supermarket aisles (although wonderful, high quality, organic rose water is also available from more specialist retailers), this long-overlooked product has oodles of secret, beauty-boosting and even health-enhancing powers.

For instance, did you know that the mere scent of rose has been shown to reduce blood pressure? When used on the skin, studies have shown that rose extract (the pure stuff) has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

So how can you harness the power of rose water in your beauty regimen? Here are a few ideas (and great reasons to pick up a bottle!)…

1. It’s Great for Combating Puffy Eyes

Late night? Eyes puffier than your new Moroccan pouf? No problem. Soak two cotton balls in rose water, close your lids, lie back and spend ten minutes enjoying the lovely floral aroma and cooling sensation. Hey presto, de-puffed eyes and reduced redness too!

2. It Makes a Shine-boosting Hair Rinse

Rose water is touted by many in the know as a great rinse for hair in need of little extra shine and softness. Simply pour through your locks and massage through before allowing your hair to air dry. Oh, and it leaves your barnet smelling beautiful too!

3. It’s an Excellent Natural Make up Remover

A cotton pad and a dash of rose water make a great, naturally antioxidant, antiseptic cleanser which does a good job of light make up removal. Recommended for those with acne and rosacea, this treatment is great at reducing redness and seeing off bad skin for every skin type.

4. It Makes a Lovely Bath

If you’re not hooked on bubbles and crave a relaxing, subtly scented bath, rose water is a real floral treat. It’s not a strong scent, but it is gently lovely (and just imagine what that rose scent is doing for your blood pressure!).

5. You Can Even Use It As Mouthwash

Bored of minty freshness? How about floral freshness? Crammed with antibacterial goodness, rose water makes for a very different oral hygiene experience!

Do you use rose water as part of your beauty regime? Do you have any ideas that we missed? Tell us all about them below!