5 Reasons Why Cactus Water is The New Coconut Water

Posted by: Niral

If you’ve been anywhere near a gym in the last 3 years, you’ll know only too well that cactus water is officially “a thing”. Isotonic, full of fibre, packed with potassium, low fat and chock to the brim with electrolytes, coconut water has been the hydration-conscious fitness lover’s beverage of choice for a number of years now. But the wonder drink isn’t to everyone’s taste.

Now a fresh fitness water is hitting the shelves and getting into the gyms. Cactus water is made from the pink fruits you’ll recognise as prickly pears, which grow in finger-like arrangements on cactus plants. To make the drink, these common fruits are pureed and mixed with filtered water and lemon juice to create a tangy, fruity drink. So why should you make the switch?


Cactus Water Tastes Yummy


Coconut water can be a bit of an acquired taste, which means that many of us just grin and bear it. Cactus water, on the other hand, genuinely tastes good. It has a sort of berry-watermelon-kiwi flavour that’s much yummier than the alternative!


It has half the sugar & calories of coconut water


Coconut water may be low on sugar, but most commercially available versions of the drink still contain roughly double the amount of sugar found in cactus water. That has a huge impact on the calories in this beverage. There are roughly half the number of calories in cactus water compared to coconut water.

Cactus Water Contains Taurine


Taurine is a powerful antioxidant which is fantastic for repairing our muscles and tissues after a hard fitness session and great for getting us back to full strength faster. It even improves how well we circulate oxygen, which is even beneficial while we exercise.

Cactus Water has Beauty Benefits


Containing 24 rare antioxidants known as betalains, cactus water has a whole host of benefits for your skin. It can help to give you a healthy glow and even reduce the appearance of those puffy eye bags!

It’s a Hangover Cure


And if fitness credentials and beauty benefits aren’t enough for you, cactus water is also a top notch hangover cure, all thanks to its high concentration of flavonoids. You can even add it to your cocktails pre-emptively to get ahead of your painful head! What’s not to like?

Have you tried cactus water? Do you like the flavour? Have you enjoyed the health benefits? Share your experiences and opinions with other readers below.