5 Reasons Your Skin Needs to Meet Micellar Water

Posted by: Niral

From coconut oil and argan oil, to rosewater, it feels like a new beauty wonder-product hits the shelves every 5 minutes. The latest arrival causing all sorts of hype is micellar water. Pronounced “my-seller”, this current skincare Holy Grail has travelled across the channel from la (notoriously) belle France, where the product has become a beauty staple thanks to the region’s harsh water.

And now for the science bit! As we all know, oil and water repel each other. That means when you use plain old water to clean your skin, your natural oils and those from your beauty products actively repel the water you’re cleansing with, resulting in a sub-par clean which can lead to bad skin. You can use harsher products, soaps and ingredients to cut through the oil, but this poses its own risks to your delicate skin.

Micellar water is different. It’s specially formulated to include a clever molecule called a surfactant which has a particle which is hydrophilic (attracted to water) and one which is lipophilic (attracted to oils and fats), resulting in a much more thorough skin cleansing effect.

Many skincare products contain surfactants, but Micellar water is full of very special surfactants called micelles. Micelles are clusters of surfactants which are especially kind to skin, unlike those found in alternative surfactant-infused products.

So what makes Micellar water such a skincare success?

1. Quick & easy

If you love the ease of cleansing wipes but feel they’re not especially good for your skin, a quick wipe with micellar water on a cotton pad will do the trick and not harm your skin. No rinse required, perfect when you’re on the move!

2. Cleans & hydrates

Unlike many chemical-laden cleansers, micellar water nourishes and hydrates your skin while gently cleansing it. That means no soap, no chemicals and no detergents.

3. Suitable for all skin types

Oily, dry, combination – this product is so mild and non-irritant that it can be used effectively on all skin types.

4. So long, sebum

Blemish causing oils, like sebum, build up naturally on our skin and can result in spots. Micellar water’s lipophilic properties are great for sucking up any excess oils and fats, leaving you clean and clear.

5. Perfect for handbags

When you’re on the run, away from bathrooms and running water, a dab of micellar water and a cotton pad are all you need to keep your skin clear and clean. Easy-peasy beauty.

Have you tried micellar water before? What has been your experience? Share your tips and picks with other readers below…