5 Signs Your Fitness Class Is Rubbish

Posted by: esd admin

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Just because it’s at a fancy studio you pay an arm and a leg to attend, doesn’t mean your fitness class is all it’s cracked up to be. From trainers who don’t know their bicep from their breakfast burrito, to workouts which barely raise your heart rate, there are plenty of fitness classes out there which aren’t up to par.

To help you ensure you get the workout you want, we’re sharing five warning signs that you’re not getting your money’s worth.


1. Guaranteed results

If your studio or class guarantees you results, whether that’s a six pack in six weeks or a specified level of weight loss, it may be time to look elsewhere. No trainer or fitness expert will guarantee results, they know all too well that every body is different and will respond differently to a fitness regime. This is a marketing gimmick which suggests an unrealistic approach and wider lack of knowledge.

2. Big class sizes

A big class may mean more money for the trainer, but it also means less one-on-one time for you. A large class means you’re more likely to be getting workouts wrong, running the risk of injury and reducing the quality of your session.

3. Other classmates failing

If lots of your classmates are finding the class hard going, struggling to keep up with the instructor and just plain getting it wrong, it’s time to find a new class. This suggests an inexperienced trainer or a bad programme which is paced incorrectly.

4. Being told to “push through” pain

It’s normal to “feel the burn” and ache after a good session, but if you’re experiencing genuine pain, which you raise with a trainer who tells you to “push through it”, you need to find a better class. The risk of injury in this instance is high, and it’s likely that your instructor doesn’t have the knowledge or skill to recognise your difficulty and correct your workout accordingly.

5. Uncertified trainers

If your trainer isn’t certified by a widely recognised fitness organisation, think twice about taking the class. Certification gives you the confidence that your trainer knows their stuff and has the knowledge to guide your session without risking your health.

Have you ever attended any terrible fitness classes? What was the problem? Share your experiences with other readers below.